Unity and Variety:

Simplifying and Expanding Compositional Possibilities

Franciscan Life Process Center
Lowell, Michigan

September 26-28, 2019

Art reveals the evidence of our experiences and values: in observing and creating, the artist suggests themes that are essential to his character, and perpetuates the making and sharing of experience.  Through art, subjects become significant to us in unique ways, aesthetically and conceptually.  The artist must be aware of the spacial and formal reality of the subject but also of subtle personal impressions, memories and symbols that may be inspired by the process, and which comprise the content of the work.

Through lecture and demonstrations this workshop will not only reinforce an understanding of composition and form, but will also explore methods to break up and strip down the subject, then reconstruct it in new and perhaps surprising ways.

Students will participate in discussion regarding the subtleties, variations, lines, textures and colors that enliven ours senses and captivate our interest; the way our eyes and minds perceive things and haw we make choices regarding their relative importance; the suggestion of the passage of time; the relative states of motion and stillness; how the artist may represent nature in order to reflect on his or her perceptions, memories, and values while also contemplating the important power of symbol and abstraction. 

For more information contact Kathy Bechtel at the Franciscan Life Process Center or click on the link below.  


Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe NM

November 16-23, 2018'

"Highway Farm", 8" x 14"

"Autumn Poplar", 6" x 9.5"

"Mill Near Sheepscombe" 12" x 24"

"Edge of an English Village" 6" x 9.5"

"Irish Farmland, North Coast", 7" x 12"

"Landscape in Yellow and Gold" 8" x 8"

"Patch of Sunlight" 6" x 7"

"Mountain Pasture" 8" x 8"

"Meadow" 8" x 12", Monotype

"Grazing in Tall Summer Grasses" 8" x 12", Monotype

"Farmland, Northern New Mexico" 8" x 12", Monotype

"Spring City Barnyard in Twilight" 8" x 12", Monotype

"Dusk" 12" x 27"

"Turns on the Sevier River, Winter" 7" x 12"

"Twin Silos" 8" x 8"

Ancient Hills 24" x 36"
Cumbrian Spring 24" x 36"

Bridge at Callander 6" x 12"sold

Callander, Scotland on the Eas Gobhain 20" x 30"sold

Gorse and Stone 12" x 24"sold

Muingreevagh, Near Downpatrick Head 24" x 48"sold
Harrowed Field 12" x 20" sold

Midmorning 11" x 11"

Quietly Grazing 6" x 6"

Thistle Creek 28" x 28"sold

A Warm Winter Morning, Sevier River 15" x 42"

Coastal Farm 16" x 20"

El Atardecer 12" x 24"sold

June Morning, Spring City 7" x 14"

Quiet Evening 9" x 18"sold

River Tees Near High Force 18" x 40"

Farm on the North Atlantic 10" x 16"sold

Winter Remnants 6" x 12"sold

Sevier River, March 6" x 9.5"

Warming Season 12" x 18"

Distant Copse 15" x 24"
Autumn Dusk - Everitt Farm 10" x 16"

Fallen Branches, Chipping Campden 8" x 8" 

Green Pastures 17" x 48"

Long Winter's Passing 10" x 16"

Thawing Fields, March 7" x 11.25"

South Valley Farmland 24" x 48"

Thistle Creek (April) 8 "x 8"

Thistle Creek (Spring) 8" x 8"

Gentle Turn on the Sevier River 6" x 12"

"It is all about the arranging of marks on a surface, 

and the creation of an abstracted version of reality, with

the suggestion of things that are unseen, but felt."

 I invite you to read a recent interview in The Artist's Road.

Sevier River, 24" x 24"sold
Rocky Mountain Ranch, March, 30" x 30"sold
Autumn Pears, 11" x 11"sold
Western Ranch, Winter, 30" x 30"sold
Summer Fruit, 8" x 8"
West Fields, August, 18" x 18"sold
Pears and Blue Bowl, 8.75" x 15"
Red Anjou Pears, 12" x 12"
September Storm, 12" x 27"sold
Spring Pastures, 5.5" x 5.5"sold
Desert Wash, 18" x 18"sold
East Desert, 24" x 24"sold
Afternoon Sun, 12" x 12"sold
Small Bowl of Pears, 9" x 12"
Three Anjou Pears, 7.75" x 12"
Christmas Day, 12" x 12"sold

Mountain Pasture, 24" x 48"sold

Approaching Spring, 12" x 12"sold

Edge of the Cedars, 24" x 48"sold

Red Cap, 4.25" x 8.5"sold

Autumn Pears, 9" x 12"sold

Canning Pears, 10" x 23"sold

Clearing Pasture, 7" x 7"sold

Edge of Town, 30" x 30"sold

First Light, 12" x 12"sold

Late Autumn Rains, 18 x 18"sold

Mid March, 20 x 20sold

Plums, 12" x 12"sold

Ranch in the Cedars, 18" x 18"sold

Spring Storm, Mapleton, 29.5" x 48"sold
Lambing Shed, 15" x 15"sold
Broken Fences, 18" x 18"sold

Red Rocks and Distant Mesas, 20" x 40"

Silver Light - Hillside, 10" x 10"sold

Twin Silos, 24" x 24"sold

Winter Fields and Hawthorns, 12" x 24"sold